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  • foods by Ann – Organic Raw Cocoa

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  • foods by Ann – Superfoods BIO Coconut Sugar 250g

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Some plant products contain a concentrated dose of vitamins, elements and minerals that have a beneficial effect on the functioning of selected systems of the human body. The so-called Superfoods are an excellent addition to the daily diet, especially for active people who often use various types of supplements.

Organic plant products for everyone!

In the offer prepared by the Foods by Ann, you will find a number of wholesome food products dedicated to people who care about a balanced diet. Superfoods are a great example of this type of food. In our GottaBe! Health store, you will find, among others such ecological products as raw cocoa, which you can use as an addition to fruit cocktails, various types of desserts, or pastries. We have organic goi berries, acai, chia seeds, and powdered algae such as chlorella and spirulina. These are healthy foods that you can use as a kind of natural supplementation in your daily diet. Superfoods are a concentrated source of valuable nutrients, vitamins, fiber and various types of elements that play a key role in the proper functioning of the human body.

Discover healthy ecological products in an extremely accessible form and use them to diversify and enrich your daily diet. Organic food is the best alternative to processed supermarket food products. Take a look at the full offer of our store and order the product categories that interest you. We recommend!