Book – 2022. A year full of inspiration Anna Lewandowska


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Every year, Anna Lewandowska inspires millions of Poles and Polish women to develop, choose health and become a better version of themselves.

The “A year full of inspiration” calendar is much more than a regular planner. It is a source of daily motivation and joy. Every day, she will support you on your way to the confidence, self-acceptance and happiness that so many people need.

“Time is running very fast…. we just welcomed spring and the next new year is on the horizon. A year full of challenges, successes and, probably, stumbles, but most of all new impressions and experiences. Not everything will be planned, and what we plan – perhaps it will not be fully implemented. After all, we do not have influence on everything. However, we have an influence on ourselves. On your choices, habits and directions of development. And this is what is worth remembering in the coming year. Will it be easy? Certainly not always. But take it easy. I will do what I can to support you. I am giving you a calendar full of inspiration and positive emotions. It is the sum of my experiences in striving for health and balance. And I hope they will be useful tips for you. In 2022, therefore, I focus primarily on gratitude, love, development and good relations, especially those with myself. And I encourage you to do the same. “ – Anna Lewandowska

Layout: weekly

Number of pages: 246

Cover: paperback

Calendar size: 165 x 215 mm


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