foods by Ann – Energy Bar Cocoa & Raspberry 35g


GottaBe Health in partnership with foods by Ann (Anna Lewandowska) presents: foods by Ann – Energy Bar Cocoa & Raspberry (Kakao & Malina) 35g

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The combination of raspberry and cocoa results in a real bomb of antioxidants, which reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, and strengthen the heart.

The bars are ideal for those who live an active life and need a quick, yet healthy and delicious source of energy. Appropriately selected ingredients will not only satisfy hunger and stimulate action, but also positively affect the functioning of the whole body.

My bars are 100% natural and do not contain added sugar. They are great as a snack and as a meal before and after training.

Ingredients: dates, cashews, coconut flakes, dried raspberry, cocoa

Nutritional values:

Nutritional values ​​in 100ml

Energy: 604,8 kJ / 144,2 kcal

Fat: 5,3 g

of which saturates: 3,3 g

Carbohydrate: 19,9 g

of which sugars: 18,1 g

Fiber: 4,2 g

Salt: 0,1 g

Protein: 2,1 g