foods by Ann – Orange & Spirulina Smoothie in a bottle 250 ml


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Foods by Ann smoothies in glass bottles.

Tasty and organic multi-fruit smoothie containing juice and fruit purees, without sugar and artificial ingredients. It ensures a great taste and is rich in nutrients: vitamins and minerals, and has a positive effect on body functions.

Orange & Spirulina – detox!
This combination is ideal for a detox of the whole body as it will cleanse it of harmful toxins. Do something good for your body and help it to recover natural balance!

The smoothie is a perfect multi-fruit snack full of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Orange & Spirulina Smoothie has been created to support the process of your body regeneration. Oranges, lemons and spirulina are a perfect source of antioxidants and substances facilitating cleansing the body of toxins. Thanks to them, you will quickly recover balance!


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