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Hello amigos! Delicious taste of Spanish cuisine

I am a lover of vegetables, which constitute a fundamental part of my diet. Nowadays, you no longer need to prove to anyone that they are beneficial to health and extremely valuable for our body. This is an indisputable fact.

I reach for them every day, in various possible forms: raw, cooked, stewed, fried, grilled, baked and pickled. However, I do not always have the time and space to process, cut, chop or prepare them as a hot meal. I have a feeling you know what this is about. I discovered a way to speed up this whole process. My vegetable paste is a delicacy that you can quickly eat with your favorite addition and get back to your business without any problems. It is composed of vegetables and legumes, combined in perfect proportions. A carefully selected mixture of spices adds to its uniqueness.

The basis of the paste are cooked chickpeas and peas – sources of protein with high nutritional value. Vegetable paste does not contain lactose, which makes it an excellent option for people practicing veganism or vegetarianism. Spanish flavors worth rememberingMy stays in Spain and now living in this beautiful country have made me realize that the local flavors are completely unique. That is why I am offering you a paste that will revive the memory of the unforgettable aromas of Spanish dishes and the scent of the sunny south.

Roasted peppers and green olives will take you on an extraordinary culinary journey. What does Spanish pasta taste best with?There are so many possibilities! Vegetable paste is perfect not only for sandwiches. It can be eaten both cold and warm. It is perfect as a dip for salty snacks or as a lunch addition to pasta, groats, pancakes or tortillas.