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I love looking for cool alternatives. Many products can be easily replaced with healthier and very tasty versions!

This is the case with the popular cottage cheese, which unfortunately, due to lactose, is not suitable for many of us. It is also eliminated from the vegan diet. I wondered for a long time what could be a good substitute for it and I found it.

Here is sunflower paste with dill. My sunflower paste is a delicious, natural snack that can be quickly eaten with your favorite addition. It consists mainly of shelled sunflower seeds. It can be a stand-alone meal or become the basis for further composing dishes.

What can you serve sunflower and dill paste with?There are so many possibilities! Sunflower paste is perfect not only for breakfast sandwiches. It can be eaten both cold and warm. It is perfect as a dip for salty snacks, baked and raw vegetables, salad dressing or an addition to lunch sauces for pasta, groats, pancakes, tortillas or casseroles. Have you ever thought about a healthier alternative to fries with mayonnaise?

Try baked sweet potatoes with my sunflower seed paste dip – the perfect duo.