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Do you want to achieve a higher level of care? Reach for balls for a relaxing and lifting massage of the face, neck and décolleté.

You can use massage balls in two ways:

classic massage – use balls that have been kept in the refrigerator

cold massage – use balls that were placed in the freezer for about 25 minutes before the massage

ATTENTION! Do not put the balls in the freezer for more than 40 minutes, the freezing liquid may cause the balls to burst.

During massage with glass balls, we use pressure, pushing and pumping techniques. They are designed to improve microcirculation and lymph flow. As a result, swelling is reduced, the skin becomes better nourished, and therefore it is firmer, regains its natural glow and looks younger.

The balls are filled with a fluid that keeps the massager cool. During the massage, the cool balls make the skin relax, and the cold glass soothes our senses. This form of massage is especially recommended for people with irritations after invasive therapies or for reddened skin. The coolness will soothe your skin and help reduce redness.

Step by step use of massage balls

  1. Disinfect the massage balls and put them in the bag in the refrigerator for about 20-30 minutes.
  2. Apply a few drops of the oil to the skin and gently massage it with your hands, making movements from the neck to the chin and from the chin upwards. You can use for example VERY SUPERBERRY or FLOWER YOURSELF. The PUMP UP THE BEAUTY mask or any sheet mask will also be perfect for this treatment.
  3. Start the massage with a large ball from the neckline. Place it against the center of your chest and make circular movements as you guide the massager towards your collarbones. Work out the right side first, then the left side. Repeat this movement a few or a dozen times, very slowly making a circular motion * with the ball moving it upwards. Remember the last sentence – in almost every next stage we will make circular movements of the ball several or several times and always move upwards (never downwards!).
  4. Place the large ball on the side of the neck (first on the right, then on the left), start making circular movements, directing the ball towards the lymph nodes behind the ear.
  5. Then bring a small or large ball to the center of the chin and guide the ball to the skin in front of the ear.
  6. Then, put a small or large ball near the side of the nose and lead it towards the temples.
  7. Put a small ball to the inner corner of the upper eyelid and guide it with a sliding, slow motion to the outer corner – repeat several times. Sequentially from the outer corner, lead the ball to the inner corner of the lower eyelid, making the same movements as on the upper eyelid. In this step, we do not make circular movements with the ball!
  8. Make the last movement on your forehead, placing a small or large ball against the middle of your forehead and leading it towards your temples. For this step, we return to the scheme – we repeat a few or a dozen times, making circular movements with the ball. Let’s also try to make this movement slightly upwards.

* Circular motion – making circular movements around the axis of the ball (just like the Earth rotates).


Once you have mastered the above technique, apply a circular movement to the moment when the movement ends and you move the ball upwards – as if you were trying to push the fluid upwards. So in a circular motion – pressure – we move the ball and repeat the same cycle a little higher.

Indications for massage with glass balls: stress, excessive tension in the facial muscles, the skin was gray, dull swelling, edema, loss of skin firmness

Contraindications: acne in the active phase, disruption of the skin bacterial and viral infections, immediately after invasive aesthetic medicine treatments

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