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Take care of your skin!

The real revolution of body and face care starts today! We would like to introduce PHLOV [flō] – multifunction, natural and vegan cosmetics, that take care not only of your skin but also your good mood! The name refers to “flow” – a state of complete engagement in an activity followed by happiness and happiness. Those emotional experiences are a theme and main focus of the brand. Those things are followed by “less waste” spirit in line with world trends and based on the newest scientific discoveries. Phlov is the first cosmetic brand in Poland that draws inspiration from neuroscience – question of BRAIN-SKIN connection.

It is a special way of communication between our skin and brain that works both ways and its existence led Phlov authors to create the brand that have an effect on all of our senses and let us celebrate everyday body and face care routine. Patented, active raw materials and production methods, birch and yakon root plant juices, bioactive fruit waters, fermented minerals, superfoods, synbiotics, adaptogens, Is it impressive? But that’s not it because PHLOV cosmetics has been closed in a beautiful recyclable box such as Bio PET, glass and sugar cane.