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  • foods by Ann – Sunflower Paste

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  • foods by Ann – Spanish Vegetable Paste

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  • foods by Ann – Set of 3 vegetable spreads, mix of flavors

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  • foods by Ann – Nut and cocoa spread 30% smooth

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  • foods by Ann – Nut and cocoa spread 36% crunchy

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  • RL9 – Nut-Chocolate Spread

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  • foods by Ann – Cashew Spread, 200g

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  • foods by Ann – Salted Almond Spread, 200g

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  • foods by Ann – Strawberry Spread 200g

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  • foods by Ann – Chocolate & Coconut Spread, 200g

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  • foods by Ann – Organic Ghee Clarified Butter 500 g

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  • foods by Ann – Superfoods Pure Coconut Oil 260ml

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  • foods by Ann – BIO Coconut Mousse 270g

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In our offer, you will find the best quality peanut kinds of butter made from such types of nuts as hazelnuts, cashews, and almonds. These are high-energy products that are an excellent source of protein and vegetable fats, as well as fiber, many vitamins and valuable elements. We also recommend the highest-quality vegetable butters and natural oils made from the best raw materials. These are the products that will become a valuable supplement to the daily diet of every person who cares about health, good physical condition, and attractive appearance.

What peanut butter do we recommend?

Are you looking for a tasty addition to your bread, smoothie, dessert, or cake? Choose the original butter made of almonds or other types of noble nuts, which will guarantee an amazing taste experience and will be a valuable supplement to your daily diet. Among the available products, you will find almond, cashew and hazelnut peanut butter. The last of these products contain large amounts of easily digestible vitamin E, which delays the aging process of the skin and supports fertility. Of course, other peanut butters also contain this vitamin, and they are a good source of natural plant-based protein and monounsaturated fats, which help maintain normal blood cholesterol levels.

Natural vegetable butter for bread and other snacks

If you are looking for a healthy alternative to classic butter of animal origin, reach for the original peanut butter or other types of vegetable fats with the consistency of butter. Foods by Ann prepared, among others, at your disposal natural coconut oil, which is an excellent source of antioxidants that help reduce skin inflammation, as well as ghee – clarified butted which is perfect for salads, desserts, omelets, and many other dishes.