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A filling snack with almonds, hazelnuts, cashews, dried goi berries, or strawberries is a great alternative to popular sweets and a smart way to satisfy a small hunger. Check what bars we offer, and then find among them healthy sweets that will satisfy your craving for sweetness, while adding energy needed in the hectic daily activities.

Can chocolate bars be healthy?

In the case of sweets, moderation is the most important. Of course, their composition is also important, i.e. what they are made of. In our store, you will find the best chocolate delicacies and wholesome bars based on nuts, dried fruits, and healthy seeds or juices. By choosing them, you can be sure of buying sweets made of the highest quality raw material. These bars are made out of, among others, high-percentage chocolate (60% cocoa), carefully selected types of nuts (almonds, hazelnuts and cashews), berries, dried fruit, seeds and juices. You will not find white sugar, lactose and gluten in the presented sweets. Foods by Ann doesn鈥檛 use any artificial colours or flavour enhancers for their production. In addition to sweets with cocoa, you can also reach for pure, nut, or fruit bars with delicious additions.

Check out the full offer of healthy snacks based on excellent quality chocolate, nuts, dried fruit and berries of selected plant species with unique pro-health properties. Check what we offer and order the types of bars that you especially like. We recommend!