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  • Phlov – ENERGY PUNCH 500ml!

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  • Phlov – (RE) START, BABY 500ml!

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  • Phlov – HANDS’BFF

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  • Evening Ritual Set

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  • Wake Me Up Set

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  • Phlov – SUNNY PEARL

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  • Phlov – CHOCO GOLD

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  • Phlov – GO! OMEGA GO!

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  • Phlov – GET UP, GIRLS!

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  • Phlov – (RE) START, BABY!

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  • Phlov – ENERGY PUNCH!

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The Phlov Active series was created for people who are looking for products as versatile and effective as themselves. Are you one of them? Great! To meet your expectations, Phlov experts have developed multifunctional cosmetics that perfectly match the global trend of Active Beauty. It is a holistic approach to skincare – taking care not only of the skin but also of well-being. Thanks to this, Phlov products prepare your body for the challenges that await them – both those related to sports and everyday life.

Phlov Active cosmetics work on many levels. From helping you fight the negative effects of air pollution and excessive stress, to support your skin’s detoxification processes. They also increase the oxygenation of cells, thanks to which they become a real injection of natural energy. In addition, the firm, smooth and reduce the yo-yo effect at the level of adipose tissue! All this is based on the highest quality ingredients, the effectiveness of which has been proven by research, and in accordance with the natural needs of your body.

But it doesn’t stop there. Phlov Active products not only act as passive training for your skin but also enhance the effects of the exercises you do! You do not like physical activity? Nothing is lost. Although the effort and action of active ingredients complement each other, you will also feel the amazing effects of the latter without doing any sports. Therefore, get carried away by Phlov now and see how gels, scrubs and lotions from the Active series will affect the quality of your life!