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  • foods by Ann – “Breakfast Club” set

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  • foods by Ann – Oatmeal Apple & Currant & Plum

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  • foods by Ann – Muesli Oatmeal 400g

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For people who have to or are trying to limit the amount of gluten-containing products in their daily diet, we recommend natural gluten-free muesli. It is a tasty and healthy snack that will provide a lot of valuable nutrients necessary for the proper functioning of your body. Our muesli is an excellent source of complex carbohydrates, vegetable fats, protein and fiber.

Natural gluten-free muesli for everyone

If you suspect gluten intolerance, you can replace classic cereals with equally tasty and extremely valuable oatmeal. By using our offer, you can order gluten-free muesli with the addition of your favorite fruit and other plant products that give it a specific taste. You can reach for gluten-free oat muesli with cocoa, coconut chips, cinnamon, almond flakes and other extremely tasty, organic plant products. Of course, you will also find the classic oatmeal here, which is also a form of muesli. Flakes are a great source of fiber and complex carbohydrates such as beta-glucan. It is an extremely valuable substance for health that supports, among others, slowing down the absorption of sugars and the beneficial effects of our immune system. Muesli is a good choice for breakfast or a light snack throughout the day. You can pour them with traditional milk, plant-based milk, or plain water. You can also add other ingredients of your choice to muesli, for example, your favorite yogurt, pieces of fresh, finely chopped fruit, raisins, nuts, seeds, or seeds.

If you have digestive problems and are looking for an alternative to white bread and traditional breakfast cereals, opt for natural gluten-free muesli. Bearing in mind the diverse needs of the customers, Foods by Ann has prepared pure oatmeal and muesli based on these flakes, with the addition of various types of dried fruit, raisins, coconut chips and nuts. You will also find other healthy snacks by Ann in our store. Familiarise yourself with our offer and choose something for yourself.