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  • Phlov – BEAUTY’N’ROLL

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Dry massage brush will take care of your body as you deserve! Dry brushing the body with BRUSHING QUEEN wonderfully firms smoothes and strengthens your skin. Thanks to this, it will become more resistant to excessive stretching and stretch marks caused by them. Body massage using our brush will additionally improve lymph flow, thus supporting the body鈥檚 detoxification processes. This treatment will also improve blood circulation in the skin, providing it with deep oxygenation and nutrition. And all this in a package with a natural injection of energy, relaxation and well-being.


The stone rolled over the skin of the face acts as a massage, improves microcirculation and supports lymph drainage. Increases skin elasticity and corrects the face oval.

To maximise the effect, keep the roller in the refrigerator for at least 15 minutes before the massage. The cold stone gives the skin a healthy, even colour and reduces the appearance of pores.