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  • RL9 – Protein Bar Strawberry

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  • RL9 – Passion fruit & Peach Puree

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  • RL9 – Cherry & Banana Puree

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  • RL9 – Muesli Strawberry & Banana & Cocoa

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  • RL9 – Energy Bar Salted Almond

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  • RL9 – Iced Coffee Espresso & Milk

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  • RL9 – Iced Coffee Latte

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  • RL9 – Strawberry muesli bar

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  • RL9 – Nut-Chocolate Spread

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  • RL9 – Almond & Coconut gluten free oatmeal cookie

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  • RL9 Coffee Gold instant freeze dried 200 g + RL9 Mug

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  • RL9 Coffee Espresso roasted coffee beans 1 kg + RL9 Mug

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  • RL9 Coffee Crema roasted coffee beans 1 kg + RL9 Mug

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  • RL9 Coffee Espresso roasted ground coffee 250 g + RL9 Mug

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  • RL9 Coffee Crema roasted ground coffee 250 g + RL9 Mug

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A small cup with a huge dose of energy!

Nothing awakens the senses like the alluring smell of aromatic coffee in the morning… Do you know the feeling? Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world, and not without a reason. It has a priceless flavour and, due to caffeine, gives you an energy boost. Coffee supports thinking processes, but also positively influences memory and concentration. These values are especially appreciated by students and professionals. If you do not exceed the recommended number of cups daily, coffee will boost your energy in a healthy and natural way.

What is so special about RL9 coffee?

It has taken over 2 years of intense work over RL9 Coffee products, beginning with careful selection of the coffee plantation, through work over the blends’ flavour, up to the design of the package. Well trained coffee roasters, passionate and engaged gourmets, and experienced baristas have gathered their opinions and knowledge to create a unique, high-quality line of RL9 coffee with rich aromas.

The base of the RL9 Coffee is coffee beans from South America, Asia and Africa. Experienced professionals have created a sophisticated blend which combines different flavours and aromas in exceptional Crema and Espresso. The blend is a combination of delicate bitterness with acidity note. This results in a unique „body”. The coffee can be served many ways, like espresso, americano, latte, etc.

The ambassador of the coffee is Anna’s husband – Robert Lewandowski – Bayern Munich and Polish National Team striker. What is his coffee like? “Energetic to proceed with everyday activities. With aromatic and balanced flavour, made from carefully selected Arabica beans. It’s my cup of energy which I want to share with you.”