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  • foods by Ann – Vegan Berry Fruits Protein Powder

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If you are looking for a way to optimize your daily diet without the need to include large amounts of animal products in it, choose the vegetable protein. Our store offers natural protein supplements based on plant amino acids, gluten and lactose-free, enriched with fatty acids, vitamins and minerals valuable for health. Natural protein for vegans is a good choice for all active people who are looking for a change for whey supplements.

Plant-based amino acids for everyone!

Providing the right amount of building material for muscles is a necessary condition to increase the effectiveness of any sports training. In the case of people who consciously give up consuming animal products, a good alternative for them is vegan protein, i.e. a product based on plant products. In our online store, you will find the natural, easily digestible protein of plant origin, obtained from rice, peas, hemp and other appropriately selected plant products. Vegan protein is gluten, lactose and GMO-free. However, it consists of a properly selected set of amino acids supporting the development of muscle mass. This makes vegetable protein by Ann a good choice not only for vegans but also for all athletes looking for a healthy alternative to traditional whey protein supplements.

The best vegan protein – what do we recommend?

If you’re wondering which vegan protein sources are the best, the answer seems obvious. They are primarily legumes, such as peas, soybeans, chickpeas, beans, broad beans and chickpeas. Due to the fact that Foods by Ann specializes in the sale of natural food, largely organic, GMO-free food, the vegan protein we offer does not contain soy. Its basis is powdered protein from peas, hemp and rice. We also offer post-workout shakes with powdered fruit and other extremely valuable plant products, such as powdered maca or lucuma root.

Replacing animal amino acids with vegetable protein is a way to properly balance the daily diet of vegans and an interesting proposition for all active people who are looking for a natural, healthy high-protein product. By choosing vegan protein and post-workout shakes, you can be sure that you are reaching for natural, safe and healthy products that support the development of your muscles, especially when you train regularly and quite intensively.