A Bunch of Happy Hampers

As the nights draw in and the temperatures plummet, we find ourselves rapidly descending into the last weeks of 2020 and oh my goodness, hasn’t it been quite the year!? The unprecedented events that we found ourselves amidst were something that imagined could only be written in some dystopian film or novel. With the second lockdown, we’ve even been left wondering whether Christmas will be going ahead this year… well, Christmas gatherings that is. Regardless of whether we are celebrating with loved ones or restricted to our own households, we can still spread some love and joy with presents. We know that Christmas is about spending time with family, however seeing as we will likely not be spending it as one, big family, we have been thinking about how you can still bring a smile to their faces this festive season. To help you with this, we at GottaBe! Health have put together some hampers and have popped them below for you to find the perfect one for your friends and family!

City Living Set

The City Living Set is a relax button for the city-steppers amongst us. Made up of Absolute Pure(ness), Smart Splash and Mineral Shot, the City Living Set provides customers with an opportunity to take time for themselves, whilst refreshing and revitalising their skin. Stay moisturised and protected against environmental pollution and dust this Christmas!

The City Living Set, £64.99

Wake Me Up Set

Struggling to get that fresh feeling? Know someone who is not a morning person? Then this set will put the pep back in their step. Comprising of Energy Punch!, Very Superberry and Burn, Burn Now!, the Wake Me Set reinvigorates and energises the skin. Stay hydrated and motivated for the whole day!

The Wake Me Up Set, £49.99

Evening Ritual Set

If you’re feeling run ragged by the work and life, then this is the set for you. The Evening Ritual Set is made up of the Overnight Beauty Trick, Scrub Me Up! and Pump Up The Beauty!. This luscious trio soothes the skin and unwinds you, allowing to let all of the day’s stresses melt away.

The Evening Ritual Set, £67.99

Anti-Aging Set

Is your skin looking dull or tired? Noticed a line or crease that’s unwelcome? Then this is the set to help in fighting back. Made up of the Mood’fluencer, Eye-Deal Look and Skin-Exposed, the Anti-Aging Set is a great way to keep skin looking youthful and fresh. Let’s wave goodbye to fine lines and let the good times Phlov.

The Anti-Aging Set, £84.99