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Plant-based proetin for mucle support.

No gluten
Lactose free
No added sugar
Vegan recipe
Without anti-caking agents
Without thickeners

We decided to ask you what next protein flavor would be the best and should be in the store’s offer, next to vanilla and chocolate. And thus, here is the berry favour that definitely won during the tasting panel! Thanks for your help and great choice!

Conducting regular and intense workouts, I never forget to provide the body with the necessary ingredients that it needs, especially during systematic physical effort. The body cannot be deceived and requires appropriate nutritional values, and above all, good quality protein.

Together with my team, we are constantly working on products to further improve their quality and meet all your expectations. That’s why from now on Foods by Ann vegan protein dissolves even better, so the consistency of the finished cocktail is even creamier and perfectly smooth. Thanks to the new technology and innovative ingredients, we managed to eliminate anti-caking and thickening agents.

It is a protein supplement based on pea and sunflower proteins. It has a unique set of amino acids and is an ideal supplement to the diet, helpful both before and after training. The rich amino acid profile helps provide the muscles with the elements necessary for their regeneration, growth and development.

One serving contains over 22 g of high-quality vegetable protein and a low content of carbohydrates and fats.

It is a unique product for athletes and active people who, like me, cannot imagine a day without a decent dose of exercise. Especially since protein:
– contributes to the growth of muscle mass,
– helps maintain muscle mass,
– helps maintain healthy bones.

To prepare the improved recipe, we used Sunbloom® 60% sunflower protein, which was produced using a patented extraction process. Thanks to this:
– has a natural sunflower flavor,
– has a balanced amino acid profile,
– low in fat, carbohydrates and sugar,
– is rich in dietary fiber,
– dissolves well,
– has natural thickening properties.

Sunflower protein isolate has a high concentration of, among others: glutamic acid, aspartic acid and arginine.

Preparing a protein drink is very easy! Mix 32 g of powder (1 scoop) with 300 ml of cold water or plant drink. Pour the liquid into the shaker first, then add the powder. Shake well until dissolved.

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