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Guarco Apple & Cherry is an ideal composition for active people looking for a healthy source of energy to face daily challenges. Whether you’re running to work, working out, or have a ton of studying ahead of you, our apple and cherry-flavored natural energy drink is your natural ally. The convenient can is energy you can take anywhere and enjoy at any time. Each sip of Guarco is an invitation to a world full of flavor, health, and energy, which stimulates your body and mind while nurturing your well-being.

Natural energy drink without added sugar from Ania Lewandowska
Our natural energy drink Apple & Cherry is an explosion of taste and health enclosed in one can. Guarco is ideal for anyone looking for an alternative to traditional energy drinks loaded with artificial ingredients and sugar. Our energy drink contains only the best of nature – cold-pressed apple and cherry juices that delight with their depth and richness of flavor.

Guarco Apple & Cherry is more than an energy drink – it’s a conscious choice for those who are looking for a healthy source of energy in their daily busy lives. When you choose our energizer, you are betting on natural ingredients and a simple composition that will surprise you with its power.

I set myself a goal, to create a healthy, natural energy drink that gives you a kick without side effects. Impossible? Not for me!

That’s how I created a refreshing, fruity lightly carbonated drink with natural caffeine and guarana extract. A decent dose of energy, based on cold-pressed 100% apple juice, not from concentrate. It contains no added water, sugar, artificial substances, or preservatives. Guarco is perfect for people who want to be healthy, active, and full of vigor.

Anna Lewandowska

What distinguishes Guarco – Foods by Ann’s energy drinks?
Foods by Ann’s Guarco stand out in the market for their original flavors, simple composition, and commitment to promoting a healthy lifestyle. These are products that provide not only energy but also beneficial nutrients to support the body in daily functioning.

This is what makes our energy drinks stand on the podium of choices of conscious consumers:

Guaranteed natural boost – forget temporary energy boosts and bet on long-lasting solutions that get you on your feet without risking your health.
Delicious taste full of nature – the unique duo of apple and cherry in our energy drinks is sheer pleasure, with no added white sugar.
Healthy energy for every occasion – whether it’s a demanding day at the office or an intense workout, our natural energy drink is ready to go whenever you need an extra boost of vitality.
Focus and mental clarity – natural ingredients promote concentration and clarity of thought, which is invaluable in times of distraction and information overload.
Pure composition – this means no preservatives or unhealthy additives. It’s a composition you can trust.
Ideal alternative to coffee – for lovers of fruity flavors who don’t drink coffee, but still occasionally need an extra boost to their performance.
Practicality – Guarco drinks are packaged in convenient cans that easily fit into any bag or backpack, ready to be opened at any time.
Guarco Apple & Cherry is your ally in your daily quest for balance, energy, and health. It’s a drink that not only energizes but also adds flavor to life – literally and figuratively. When you choose Foods by Ann products, you are opting for quality and values that change the perception of energy products.

Who is a healthy energy drink with guarana for?
Are you looking for a natural energy source that supports a healthy lifestyle without unnecessary calories? Our energy drink with no added sugar is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to maintain dynamism without burdening the body with unhealthy substances.

Guarco is ideal for:

diet-conscious people who avoid white sugar and are looking for products that support their healthy dietary choices,
physically active people, including athletes and fitness enthusiasts, who want a natural source of energy to maintain high performance during training and competition,
professionals and students who need to focus their attention and energy on demanding intellectual tasks,
people who are looking for a quick and practical way to wake up during the day,
caffeine avoiders who want to find a healthy stimulating alternative without the typical caffeine side effects,
ecologically conscious consumers who choose products made from natural and environmentally friendly ingredients,
people who value convenience and mobility, who need a “to-go” solution that works in all conditions.
Our natural fruit juice-based energy drink is more than a beverage – it’s your daily partner in the pursuit of health and vitality without compromise. By choosing an energy drink from Foods by Ann, you are assured of supporting your body and mind with the best natural energy sources.

Natural energy drinks – learn about their composition
More and more people are focusing on a healthy lifestyle, and as a result, natural energy drinks are gaining in popularity. They are an excellent alternative to traditional energy drinks, which are often overloaded with sugar and artificial additives. Our beverages are distinguished by their simple composition and naturalness, which makes them both tasty and safe.

Learn about Guarco’s key ingredients with apple and cherry juice, which provides energy without compromise.

Apple juice reconstituted from concentrate
This is the essence of what’s best in apples. In the production process, the juice is first concentrated and then diluted back to its original form, preserving all the nutritional value of the original fruit. Rich in natural sugars and vitamins, it makes a healthy beverage base, providing not only energy but also helping to improve immune system function.

Cherry juice reconstituted from concentrate
Cherry juice, like apple juice, is made from concentrate, which preserves all its natural health-promoting properties. Tart cherries are rich in anthocyanins, which have powerful antioxidant properties and can help reduce inflammation and aid in muscle recovery after physical activity.

Carbon dioxide
Adding carbon dioxide to an energy drink is intended not only to provide a refreshing effect but also to improve its sensory qualities. The carbon dioxide bubbles intensify the flavor and make the drink more stimulating and pleasing to the palate.

Natural caffeine
Natural caffeine, extracted directly from the coffee bean, is much gentler on the stomach and easier to metabolize than synthetic forms of caffeine. Its effects are more balanced, meaning that it does not lead to sudden spikes and dips in energy, providing a stable and long-lasting boost.

Guarana extract
Guarana is valued for its high content of naturally occurring caffeine, which is released slowly, providing long-lasting stimulation effects without sudden changes in mood or energy levels. Guarana extract is also rich in antioxidants, which help fight free radicals and improve overall immunity.

Acerola, also known as the Barbados cherry, is one of the richest sources of vitamin C, surpassing even citrus. Vitamin C from acerola is better absorbed by the body than synthetic forms of the vitamin. Acerola acts as a powerful antioxidant, supports immunity, reduces fatigue, and participates in the production of collagen, which is essential for skin, hair, and nail health.

These carefully selected ingredients make our energy drinks not only effective but also support health and well-being, providing benefits that go beyond mere stimulation.

Contraindications and precautions
Guarco should not be used by children, pregnant or breastfeeding women, or people who are sensitive to caffeine. It should not be mixed with alcohol.

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