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Distant Hori’Zone is a perfume for men that reflects your element – nature. When you stand at the edge of the forest, you look out over the sea to the distant horizon and see an announcement of adventure in it.

Expressive, refreshing notes of citrus and the depth of plum are an injection of energy, an impulse to act, which will make you raise your head higher. The light bitterness of sage and the spicy character of black pepper give them a non-obvious character.

The freshness of the sea salt brings with it the urge to wander, and in combination with forest, woody aromas it brings to mind the dunes covered with heather at the edge of the forest. It’s an exciting comparison that fills you with confidence at the unknown direction you are taking today.

The Distant Hori’Zone fragrance is a perfume for a man who is happy to think about an adventure, the kind who wants to wake up his wanderer, explorer, traveler.

Distant Hori’Zone is the moment just before setting off into the unknown. When only you count, the expedition and the countless possibilities that await you. When you are looking for the moment when you can reach the highest peaks and overcome turbulent waters.

It is a breath of adventure in your life.

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