Phlov – GET UP, GIRLS!


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Who is this product for?

For people with a tendency to fluctuating weight, active, pregnant and postpartum women.


Firming, natural breast corset, which thanks to the precise combination of active ingredients in a liquid crystal emulsion strengthens and shapes the skin of the bust. It helps to rebuild and restore the proper functioning of damaged skin, mapping its physiological structure and composition. Contains StrioverTM phytocomplex (inspired by platelet rich plasma treatments) and Kigelia Africana extract – responsible for reducing the visibility of existing stretch marks and preventing new ones. They stimulate the skin to produce collagen and elastin. Fucose-rich polysaccharide moisturizes the skin for a long time.


apply a small amount of serum in the morning and evening to the skin of the bust and cleavage. Massage in a circular motion upwards. The product is recommended during pregnancy, after delivery or during a period of significant weight fluctuations. Can be used during lactation, nipples should be clean and cream-free.


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