After make-up, skin care routine

After a long day of wearing your favourite makeup products it feels amazing to wash it all away, but the fresh-faced glow your skin is left with feels even better. Follow our top tips to ensure your skin care routine leaves you glowing.

If you speak to any makeup artist, they will tell you that the secret to great makeup application is not the product or tools you use to apply it but the skin care routine that creates a smooth base to build on. Makeup, when applied, will accentuate your face, but if you are not looking after your skin, you will be left with accentuated wrinkles, dry patches and even pimples. Your skin can be left looking tired and dull if not looked after properly, so it is important to start now! Luckily there are now many products that rejuvenate the skin to bring it back to life. For a perfect complexation, with and without makeup, follow these simple steps:

Remove all of your makeup 

First, to be able to cleanse the skin it must be clear of any product. So why not use our micro-exfoliating foam to remove your make-up. With its biodegradable, plant washing substances the foam can effectively remove dust, heavy metals and environmental pollution from the skin without affecting the hydrolipid balance. The pink pomelo extract, rich in organic AHA acids, accelerates the process of renewing epidermal cells, restoring the skin’s glow and youthful and healthy appearance. Suitable even for people with sensitive skin.

Cleanse the skin

Once your makeup is removed it is time to get deep into the skin to remove any leftover product or dirt. The Revitalising, micro-foaming, natural skin detox perfectly cleanses the skin of impurities without disturbing the pH and hydrolipid balance of the skin. The lime and green tea complex works as an antioxidant, refreshes, revitalises and energises the complexion. Use a clean towel to dry the face after rinsing. 

Purifying mask 2-3 times per week

We recommend finding time 2-3 times a week to indulge in some self-care with our innovative Pump Up the Beauty mask which can be used on the face, neck, and chest. The mask is made from natural ingredients which improve the colour and brightens of the skin. Australian Kangaroo Peacock Flower Nectar Extract rejuvenates the skins structure, giving strong anti-wrinkle and lifting effects. The IN & OUT DETOX® complex intensifies the skin’s natural detoxification processes and increases its resistance to civilisation stress. Apply the mask to the skin and sit back and relax whilst it dries. After 15 minutes take a clean towel with warm water and remove all excess, leaving the skin feeling refreshed.

Dry oil to lock in all the goodness

To lock in all the goodness into the skin finally take your Phlov – Face it Together set and gently massage in a dry oil of choice. The Very Superberry oil works by penetrating a patented form of vitamin C deep into the skin which actively works for a long time after application.  It works by slowing down the aging process, brightening discolorations, strengthening, and revitalising the complexion. The cool rose quartz material of the face roller will remove any inflammation in the skin and help to release any tension, helping you to relax. Don’t be afraid of using oil if you have oily skin, as the skin can produce more oils if it isn’t getting enough. If you struggle with oily skin, try adding a couple of drops of dry facial oil to your skin care routine today and see if it makes a difference.

HOW TO GIVE A FACIAL MASSAGE – Using Phlov Beauty’N’Roll

Guide the roller along the face with gentle movements from the centre to the outside, repeating each movement several times.

1. NECK and NECKLINE – make long, longitudinal movements from the collarbones up.
2. LIPS – Use a small roller to make a circular motion around the mouth, starting just below the lower lip.
3. FACE OVAL – guide the larger roller with gentle movements from the centre of the face to the outside, moving from the nose, through the cheeks – to the temples.
4. EYES – make a small circular motion with a small roller from the corner of the eye to the upper eyelid and back over the skin under the eye.
5. FACE – roll the larger roller from the centre of the forehead and lead it alternately left and right. Start with the eyebrows and run the roller to the hairline.

Not only will our skin care routine leave you looking good it will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed after a busy day. These steps can be followed with and without makeup and should be altered depending on your skins needs. Please be aware that using products that contain acids such as AHA disturb the skins natural barriers and SPF should be worn every day of the year, even in the cooler months. 

If you are unsure on the right product for you or have any questions on the products, we stock at GottaBe! Health chat with a member of the team today! They will be able to answer any queries you may have.