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Biodegradable hair brush

HER BRUSH is a universal and easy-to-maintain brush made of biodegradable PLA material.

Bioplastic is a durable material made of corn starch. The production of PLA does not use as much fossil fuels as the production of PET and PP. The raw material from which it is made is also 100% renewable – unlike crude oil. Additionally, PLA has a lower carbon footprint than the other plastics mentioned. Bioplastics are made of plants that produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide as they grow.

HER BRUSH is perfect for wet and dry detangling, with or without conditioner. Thanks to widely spaced resin spikes, it is easy to keep clean.

The ball end of the spike also allows for a gentle massage of the scalp, which can be used when applying rubs, scrubs and conditioners. It stimulates microcirculation in the scalp, improving the nourishment of the hair follicles and positively influencing the stimulation of hair growth.

NOTE: When drying your hair using the high heat of the dryer – do not hold the tip of the dryer against the brush. The brush is also not suitable for curling warm curls.