Phlov – Coloring BODY LOTION 150ml 5.07 fl. oz.


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Intensively moisturizes without leaving a sticky feeling

Illuminates the skin, giving it a natural brown shade and glow

It evens out the color and covers imperfections

Lightly bronzing and moisturizing body lotion for all skin types

Sun-kissed skin effect. Iridescent particles give the skin a natural brown color, illuminate it and reduce the visibility of imperfections. Shea butter and coconut oil moisturize, nourish and help protect the skin from adverse external factors. Natural olive squalane supports the reconstruction of the hydrolipid barrier of the epidermis, and allantoin and betaine bring relief to the skin. As a result, it becomes silky smooth, moisturized and beautifully illuminated.

How to use:  decide what effect you want to achieve and apply the appropriate amount of product to the skin. Gently pat. Repeat the application during the day if necessary. The effect of a delicate tan is washable and lasts until the moment of bathing.