Phlov – Pearl BODY LOTION 150ml 5.07 fl. oz.


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Nourishes and moisturizes the skin without feeling sticky

Gives the skin a tempting golden glow

It evens out the color and covers imperfections

Illuminating and moisturizing 2-in-1 balm for face and body

Immediate illumination and hydration without a greasy film. 

The innovative formula with shimmering particles leaves a delicate pearly glow on the skin, which emphasizes the tan, while covering imperfections. Shea butter protects the skin against unfavorable external factors, and coconut oil nourishes and firms it. Olive-derived squalane increases the penetration of nutrients into the epidermis. In turn, betaine and allantoin soothe dry skin, and PCA salts prevent excessive water loss, helping to maintain an optimal level of hydration.

How to use:  decide what effect you want to achieve and apply the appropriate amount of product to the skin. Gently pat. Repeat the application during the day if necessary.