foods by Ann – Gluten-free millet cookies with carrot and orange, 100g


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Natural millet cookies, deliciously crispy!

This is a great alternative for small and large lovers of sweets:

no gluten,
without lactose,
no soy lecithin,
no eggs,
without white sugar – sweetened with cane sugar,
no palm oil, trans fats.
Do you ever feel like something sweet to snack on? Me too! It is a natural need of the body. Or maybe something healthy for coffee or tea? And so that you can have a nice nibble! My gluten-free millet cookies are sweet, crunchy delicacies.

I am sure that they will be perfect in many situations, also for children. Millet cookies with carrot and orange will be useful at school, for trips or family gatherings.

They are based on peanuts, i.e. the best quality peanuts rich in nutritional values, carefully selected and stored in optimal, strictly defined and controlled conditions. They contain the most protein of all nuts. Moreover, they are a valuable source of fat (mono- and polyunsaturated fatty acids), fiber, vitamins and minerals, especially potassium.

Sunflower and millet flakes, which are sources of dietary fiber, help regulate digestive processes.

Chia seeds, belonging to superfoods, give cookies character and texture, as well as enrich them with valuable vitamins and minerals. They are famous for their beneficial effects on the entire body, as well as a pleasant nutty aroma.

The addition of carrots and orange juice makes the cookies taste amazing!

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