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Panax ginseng is one of the plants which have had the longest tradition in terms of medicinal uses. It is said that it has been used in Eastern medicine for over 5 thousand years.

It is recommended to people exposed to chronic stress and those performing mental work as compounds it contains have calming and relaxing properties and support the proces of learning and memorizing. Its supplementation can be also beneficial to people suffering from cardiovascular diseases as saponins present in the ginseng root lower the level of triglycerides and the oxidized fractions of LDL cholesterol. It also has immunostimulatory activity, therefore, it enhances body resistance to bacterial and viral infections. It can be recommended to people suffering from insulin resistance / type 2 diabetes as it improves insulin sensitivity, what is directly translated into the improvement of carbohydrate metabolism. Other beneficial effects of the ginseng supplementation include protecting the liver by reducing damage to its cells generated by toxic chemicals, e.g. alcohol.

It also contains ginsenosides which improve both male and female sexual function.

How to use: Take 1 capsule a day.

Contraindications: Allergy to any product ingredient.

Precautions:The maximum allowable limit of this supplement in Poland is 200 mg. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Product for adults. Breastfeeding and pregnant women should consult with a doctor. The product cannot be used as a substitute for a healthy diet. It is important to lead a healthy lifestyle and have a balanced diet.

Servings per container: 60 capsules (60-day use).

Storage: Protect from sunlight. Store at 25ºC in a dry place. Keep out of the reach of children.




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