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Chase The Sun is a feminine composition full of contrasts… A classic and at the same time avant-garde fragrance that will take you on an unearthly journey among floral and citrus chords heralding a unique adventure, and then wrap you in oriental and amber notes, like summer sun rays.

This extraordinary trip begins with blissful warmth surrounding your face and soothing gusts of wind smelling exotically . This is an exciting first step into the unknown. On a hot day, citrus notes will provide refreshment: fresh bergamot and juicy tangerine , and combined with delicate, sweet pear, the scent will emphasize your natural femininity and allow you to stand out in the crowd.

The noticeable aromas of white flowers will bring back memories of summer and provide you with a luxurious experience. Delicate orange blossom will soothe the senses and relax, and the intoxicating, exotic jasmine will make the composition more sensual and will work well throughout the day, also as an elegant fragrance for the evening. The unique neroli extract from the bitter orange tree gives it a slight bitterness.

Oriental, tempting notes close the composition and stay with you for a long time, like precious souvenirs from this unique trip. The velvety scent of vanilla, benzoin , spicy amber and the alluring aroma of white musk give it a slightly seductive character and make you immediately want to go on another expedition.

Are you ready for a fascinating adventure filled with breathtaking views and the unique, intoxicating scent of unlimited freedom?

All you have to do is let the sun show you the way. 

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