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No Stylist is a sensual, warm fragrance that will take you to a unique place filled to the brim with oriental delicacies sprinkled with powdered sugar. It is a luxurious composition full of contrasts: on the one hand, sweet and feminine, on the other, rebellious and unconventional – just like you ! The leading aromas of tonka bean, almond and orange blossom will delight you with its unique scent. Forget yourself in the unique feeling of pleasure that comes from self-acceptance and enjoy life to the fullest.

Because you are the one who sets the trends , and the only rules you stick to are… Your own. You are forging new paths in your search for happiness. You trust your intuition and boldly pursue your dreams. You prefer to be rather than have , that’s why you collect extraordinary moments that make your heart beat faster and your eyes sparkle with delight. You know yourself and you know perfectly well what you want, regardless of the opinion of others.

You are a true connoisseur of unique things and this proves your uniqueness. Just like you, No Stylist immediately attracts attention. The intense, warm aroma of almonds and the delicate scent of orange blossom give the sweet fragrance an oriental character and a light spice. The rich, warming aroma of tobacco  goes perfectly with rose oil – a combination that is addictive and makes the scent perfect for evenings out and colder days.

The balsamic, powdery scent of tonka beans will surprise you with its vanilla and leather notes and at the same time bring to mind the sweetness of chocolate and almonds. The whole thing is enhanced with velvety bourbon vanilla and notes of milky amyris wood , bathed in the warm scent of amberwood .

Go ahead and feel no guilt – immerse your body and soul in this pleasure. Without compromise and limitations, enjoy the sweetness of every experience, without fear of criticism from others. After all, you know perfectly well that the greatest manifestation of rebellion is living in harmony with yourself .

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