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Delicious, vegan peanut-cocoa spread!
A real treat for small and large chocolate lovers.

No white sugarNo white sugar
No palm oilNo palm oil
Lactose freeLactose free
We are changing for you:

– new formula without milk suitable for vegans,
– recyclable glass jar.

No added sugar
No palm oil
No gluten
Without milk
Without dyes and preservatives

Are there any fans of Robert here who love sweets, could eat them at almost any time of the day and need a decent dose of energy? I’m glad you are! I have something wonderfully sweet for you, but at the same time healthy and good for the body.

The RL9 cream improves your mood with its nut-cocoa scent alone. I love its aroma and pleasant texture ideal for spreading. It is perfect not only for breakfast, but also for lunch or dinner. It fits perfectly with sandwiches, pancakes, pancakes and as an ingredient of desserts or cocktails. And it tastes best eaten with a spoon straight from the package!

I remember a product of this type from my childhood, which is still on store shelves today. Fortunately, it is now less and less popular. I’ve been working on improving his recipe for a long time. It worked! I created a much better, healthier version, and it’s also vegan.

Hazelnuts contain a lot of vitamins and minerals. They are a valuable source of vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids.

Cocoa has numerous nutritional values, is a source of many vitamins, trace elements and healthy fats, and above all, antioxidants. In addition, it supports the production of serotonin, helping to achieve peace and happiness.

The cream is gluten-free and no added sugar. You will not find palm oil or milk in it, which is great news especially for vegans and allergy sufferers. Store it in a dry and cool place. The oil separates from the cream in a natural way, just mix the contents of the package before consumption to unify the consistency and enjoy the full flavor.

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