foods by Ann – Wheat-free banana bread


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The net weight of the product is 250g.

Made from naturally gluten-free flours

100% natural ingredients
No wheat
No added sugars No
No lactose
Protein source
Fiber source

Do you like sweet breakfasts? My family and I regularly prepare something deliciously sweet for our first or second breakfast. We really like oatmeal and pancakes, but there are many more possibilities for a nice meal of this type. Importantly, added sugar is not needed at all. I present to you banana bread, a combination of bread and cake that steals the hearts of both small and large sweet tooths.

What’s so special about it, apart from its great taste? It does not contain added sugar, preservatives, lactose or wheat. It is a ready-made mixture of 4 naturally gluten-free flours: oat, rice, linseed and tapioca. Just add a plant drink, bananas, coconut oil and lemon juice to bake fresh, wonderfully fragrant bread with a very pleasant consistency.

Why is it worth choosing baked goods without wheat flour?

This is the most universal option. It suits those who, for various reasons, have to give up wheat flour in their diet. However, for other people, it is an opportunity to discover new, delicious flavors and open up to less frequently eaten types of flour, rich in valuable ingredients that they have not had the opportunity to try.

Preparing delicious banana bread without using wheat flour is often quite a challenge. Not every type of flour is suitable, and having to select several of them yourself may be problematic. The ready-made mix is ​​a great solution that makes life easier. It saves time and space in the kitchen, and additionally guarantees that the baked goods will turn out perfectly.

The bread tastes great with fruit jam and peanut butter. It can also be a stand-alone, healthy snack instead of traditional sugar-sweetened cakes.

The richness of fiber allows you to satisfy your hunger for a long time, while supporting intestinal function and digestive processes. Banana bread is also a valuable source of plant protein.

There is no need to add eggs or milk to the mixture. This is good news for vegans and allergy sufferers