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The net weight of the product is 250g.

Do you like muffins? How can you not like them? My loved ones and I agree that muffins are a great snack! We love spending time together, snacking on a good movie, a funny story or board games.

You can also take them for a second breakfast to work or school. Preparing tasty muffins without using wheat flour usually turns out to be a challenge. Not every type of flour will work, and having to buy several different types can be troublesome. So why not make the whole process easier for yourself? Ready-made mixture for preparing muffins is a perfect solution that will save time and space in the kitchen, and at the same time guarantee the success of baking.

Mix of 6 naturally gluten-free flours. In a practical package that can be easily packed into a suitcase for short trips or longer holiday trips, you will find a mixture containing as many as 6 different types of flour in perfect proportions: rice, oat, coconut, peanut, linseed and tapioca.

This is an extraordinary composition perfectly suited to preparing about 12 delicious, filling muffins. Quick, convenient, easy – pure pleasure! The fiber content allows you to satisfy your hunger for a long time, while supporting intestinal function and digestive processes.

Why is it worth choosing muffins without wheat flour? This option will suit everyone nicely. It is suitable for those who, for various reasons, have to give up wheat flour in their diet. However, for other people, it is an opportunity to discover new, delicious flavors and be open to less common types of flour, rich in valuable ingredients that they usually do not even try. It’s still not everything.

Are you a supporter of a vegan diet? There is no need to add eggs or milk to the mixture. This is also good news for allergy sufferers who are allergic to eggs or those who are lactose intolerant.

Contains: peanuts. May contain: nuts, sesame seeds, lupine.

1 package of the mixture will make 10-12 muffins