“Trening Karate Cardio” DVD


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When creating this training, I drew inspiration from sport that I have been practicing for years. That’s why you can be sure that exercises are safe, effective and there is no room for boredom. I hope that together with my friends who present the training I will convince not only women to exercise regularly.

DVD with my original exercises inspired by karate. The whole training lasts 50 minutes and is divided into 4 parts: you can find exercises strengthening all groups of muscles and stabilising the body. They are mixed with the elements of martial arts: kicks and strikes.

Exercises are safe and give fast results – they can be done by all healthy people.

DVD extras:

  • tabata training,
  • high-intensity series focusing on all body muscles,
  • partner mini-training,
  • recipes for smoothies before and after a workout.


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