Ultimate Self Care Routine

Do you often find yourself feeling over-tired from work and general life commitments? Sometimes we need to take a step back and dedicate some time to ourselves. Self-care looks different for everyone. Whether it’s creating more autonomy in your life by saying no and setting boundaries, having a full night’s sleep, asking for help, going on a spa day or having a shopping spree, there is no right or wrong way to practice self-care.

Where do I start?

GottaBe! Health is all about helping you to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle. We want to help you feel good about yourself by recommending you the Ultimate Self Care Routine.


Winding down at the end of a busy day can sometimes be difficult. Maybe you’ve worked late at the office and now you’ve got to commute home and work on household chores, taking care of your body is extremely important.

-Have a Relaxing Bath or Shower.

There are lots of health benefits to hot and cold showers and baths. For example, hot showers/baths help open your airways so you can breathe more easily and are also suitable for muscle relaxation. Cold showers/baths can increase your circulation and leave your skin and hair silky by tightening your pores to retain natural oils in your hair.

-Dry Brushing

This can help with exfoliation, helps reduce the appearance of cellulite, give your skin a more radiant glow and detoxifies the skin by increasing blood circulation and lymph flow. The best time to dry brush is just before a shower, this allows you to wash off any dead skin cells. Follow up with lotion to put moisture back into your skin. Not to mention that it feels great on the skin!

-Stay Active

Finding an exercise routine that you love is so important and comes with many health benefits. For example, exercise helps you to manage your weight, strengthen muscles and bones, increase your self-confidence, improve your mood, help you relax, and improves brain function and health.


Ensuring you get a good night’s sleep is crucial for your overall health and performance. Sleep is the time when your body performs several repairing and maintaining processes. It is recommended that most adults get between 7 and 9 hours of sleep each night. Getting sufficient sleep improves your mood, energy levels, and mental function, contributes to the healthy function of your heart and contributes toward stress relief, to name a few benefits.

Beauty Routine

Who doesn’t want to wake up and feel beautiful every morning? Taking care of your skin, hair and body are some basic steps you can take to help you feel like your extra beautiful self.

-Skincare Routine

The benefits of finding a skincare routine that is right for you is crucial to maintaining your youthful looks and keeping your complexion clear. Whether you want to reduce visible pores, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, get rid of blemishes and hyperpigmentation or just have a brighter complexion, there are products out there to help you.

Our Top Picks:

Eye-Deal Look – This eye cream is designed to improve the firmness of the delicate under-eye area.

Newborn Star – This rejuvenating booster serum is formulated with bakuchiol and vitamin C to help improve skin density, increase its elasticity, smoothness and hydration.

Overnight Beauty Trick – Inspired by Korean skincare, this product combines the benefits of a moisturising serum and an exfoliating tonic. This product aids in the renewal of skin cells, smoothes and improves skin tone.

-Hair Care

Similar to skin, everyone’s hair needs different products to keep it in good condition. Some of us have dry, frizzy, curly, wavy and easily knotted hair, whilst others have straight, grease-prone, thin hair with less volume. Make sure you use products that benefit you.

Read our previous blog here for tips on how to keep your hair looking its best!


Your mental outlook impacts not just your mood, but also your susceptibility to illness, energy levels, decision making and eating habits for example. There are many actions you can take to help to remain in a positive state. We will explore just a few of those options within this blog.

*Disclaimer* If you think you are suffering from a mental health illness, please seek medical advice.

-Take Up a New Hobby

Choose a hobby that makes you feel good. Maybe you need help feeling relaxed, acknowledging your emotions or clearing your thoughts. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

-Reading – Reading can allow you to escape from reality and feel many emotions. Not only is it an enjoyable pastime, but reading can improve the ability to focus, and improve general knowledge and communication skills.

-Yoga – It is not only good for building strength, and improving your balance and flexibility, but also helps with stress relief. Many like to practice yoga before bed for a quality night of sleep.

-Listen to a podcast – whether you want to learn more on a topic of interest, cut down on screen time or seek advice from experts, podcasts are brilliant for many things. The best part is you can multi-task whilst you listen to a podcast (drive to work, do household chores or even whilst doing some arts and crafts).

-Journaling – Keeping track of your goals and intentions, gaining self-confidence and strengthening your memory are just a few benefits of journaling. There’s not just one type of journal either! For example, you can keep a dream journal, food journal or fitness journal.

-Talk about your worries with someone close to you – This allows you to acknowledge your feelings and develop emotional awareness to figure out why you feel a certain way.