10 Realistic Ways to Stick to a Healthy Lifestyle

We are nearly halfway into the new year and some of us will be feeling content with our current lifestyle whilst others won’t be. Remember it is okay to not upkeep a healthy lifestyle all the time! This blog aims to inspire you to adopt some healthy lifestyle tips to help kickstart a new you. Read on to find out our 10 Realistic Ways to Stick to a Healthy Lifestyle.

Let’s break it down…

We will be looking at the following 4 key areas where you can adopt a healthier lifestyle:



-You time



-Eat fresh

Eating foods that are fresh hold many benefits for your body and leave you feeling less sluggish. Cooking balanced meals with fresh ingredients not only taste better but should leave you feeling more satisfied. This is because fresh foods hold more nutrients compared to packaged foods, meaning your body is left sufficiently fuelled.

Over-processed foods often have long shelf lives that can last for months or even years! This is because these products are often packed with chemical additives. However, it is not realistic to go food shopping multiple times in the week. Frozen vegetables, canned legumes, canned fish, high-fibre fortified breakfast cereals are all examples of processed foods that still hold many nutrients and have a long shelf life.

-Find a healthier alternative for your favourite foods

It is okay to indulge in your favourite foods from time to time. Remember balance is key in order to stick to a healthy diet. Finding a healthy alternative is a great way to reward yourself with zero guilt!

Here are our recommendations:

  • Swap Nutella for – foods by Ann – Nut and cocoa spread 30% smooth
  • Swap chocolate bars for – foods by Ann – Mini Choco Bite hazelnut & chocolate
  • Swap cookies for – foods by Ann – foods by ann – Oat cookie with Chia & Almond
  • Swap fizzy drinks for – foods by Ann – Grapefruit & Rosemary Lemonade

-Make sure you are consuming sufficient vitamins and minerals in your diet

A helpful way to ensure your meals are packed full of nutrients is to Eat the Rainbow! Just Remember each different coloured food will hold different nutrients in different quantities. “The beautiful colours you see in fruits and vegetables are from antioxidant phytonutrients called carotenoids and flavonoids.” These phytonutrients have been found to decrease the risk of health issues and diseases by boosting your immune system

Taking vitamin supplements is a quick and easy way to ensure you are topped up on all your vitamins for the day.


Exercise equipment

-Set realistic goals

Setting realistic fitness goals for yourself is the best thing you can do to achieve success, otherwise, you will be left feeling discouraged when you struggle to complete your workout. Goals hold us accountable and are essential for long-term motivation and success.

If you gradually increase the difficulty weekly, then you can nail your technique and get the most out of your workouts.

-Stay hydrated before, during and after exercising

Not consuming enough water before, during and after your workouts can hinder your workout performance and recovery. Water fuels your muscles; without sufficient water your muscles will cramp and you will struggle to build muscle.

Effects of dehydration when exercising:

  • Your core temperature increases faster
  • Your heart will have to work harder
  • Fatigue
  • You will struggle to think clearly

-Mix it up

Completing the same workout routine every session will not benefit your body as much in the long run. There are many reasons why you should switch up your routine. The constant repetition of a workout that once got your heart pumping, burnt fat and built muscle will (over time) lose its benefits as your body adapts. The overuse of the same muscles will eventually cause injuries.

Perhaps invest in a personal trainer or purchase one of Anna’s workout routines.

Me Time

Woman gardening

-Morning Routine

Setting a morning routine helps you stay organised and start the day off with a clear mind. Your routine may vary from time to time, make sure you include something you enjoy into your morning routine to make you feel good about yourself and boost your mood for the day ahead.

– Do an activity you love wherever possible

There are so many benefits to taking up a new hobby. Trying new things is essential to keep your life exciting.

Finding a hobby you love outside of work will make you feel happier and more satisfied with life. Hobbies also act as a stress reliever and teach you to become more patient as you master your new skill. Hobbies allow you to meet new people and form friendships where you can learn from each other.


-Reflect on your day and plan for the day ahead

Keeping a journal or a diary is an excellent way to ease anxiety and helps you to stop worrying about things on your mind- worrying about things at nighttime can hinder your sleep quality. Feeling relaxed before bed is a must.

-Relaxing Bath

After a long day a hot bath is one of the things you can do to destress your body and mind in preparation for sleep. A hot bath will relax your muscles and ease any tension- why not add some essential oils or a bath bomb to feel extra luxurious.