Shaping The Body You Want

Body image is a topic that is perpetually on the forefront of many individuals’ minds. Even when you push it to the back of your mind, it will find any opportunity to remind you of its presence. Even those you look to as inspiration for fitness, likely have/continue to battle with body confidence. It’s because we live in a world that is built around the idea of ‘perfection’. The problem there is, to different people, their idea of perfection in a person varies. What ultimately matters, is not what others think of oneself, it is how you feel in your skin. Whether you want tattoos, long hair, short hair, lip fillers or washboard abs, it is your body and ultimately, your choice what you do with it.

For some of us here, we are working on our Summer bodies and thanks to 2020 we have been able to bide more time to achieve them. We have put together some products from our beauty section that will be able to help you in firming, smoothing or scrubbing your way to the body you’re after. With this said, it’s important to mention that beauty products alone will not tone your body or shed weight. The products will do their hard work, but it has to be complemented by a balanced diet and regular exercise. Now, who’s ready to unleash their inner goddess?!

Yo-Yo De-activator

Our multifunctional balm has Longan fruit seed extracts which block the “yo-yo effects” of the skin tissue. The Yo-Yo De-activator, by Phlov, has anti-cellulite, draining and modelling properties thanks to the formulation of Stevia leaves and Yerba mate. We recommend using this product either after a workout or before going to bed. Massage it into areas of cellulite or excess fat on the body and make sure to wash your hands afterwards.

£20.99, [ ]

Take Control, Babe

You would be surprised at just how common stretch marks are. They can be gained from weight gain, pregnancy and even working out! The Take Control, Babe is formulated with oils from camellia seeds, grape seeds and shea butter providing the skin with long-lasting comfort and hydration in order to best regenerate. Massage Take Control, Babe to areas affected by stretch marks regularly to reduce the visibility of pre-existing stretch marks, reduce new ones and improve the quality of the skin.

£19.99, [ ]

Go! Omega Go!

Go! Omega Go! Is a great all-rounder. Whether your body is changing due to being active, being pregnant, postpartum or even if your weight is just generally fluctuating, this product was designed for you. Go! Omega Go! Is an oil based product designed to care for and nourish skin prone to stretch marks. The blend of oils is rich in valuable omega acids, allowing the skin to fight the formation of new stretch marks as well as reducing the appearance of existing ones. The Go! Omega Go! Is able to penetrate deeper layers of the skin thanks to the formulation of high quality oils. The inclusion of cold-pressed rosehip oil aids in the visible reduction of dermal imperfections. The best results will come from applying twice a day, and if you’re pregnant, we recommend using from your first trimester through to several months after the delivery.

£17.99, [ ]

Get Up Girls

Another of our all rounders, Get Up Girls is another for anyone with fluctuating weight, an active lifestyle, is currently pregnant or is postpartum. While Go! Omega Go! Is for the stomach, leg and buttock area, the Get Up Girls is more targeted for the bust and cleavage areas. The product is formulated with active ingredients including a liquid crystal emulsion that helps in the strengthening and shaping of the skin in the bust area. Applying a small amount of the product both morning and evening to the prescribed areas, massaging in a circular motion, allows it to stimulate the body’s production of collagen and elastin.

£17.99, [ ]

Energy Punch

Energy Punch is one of our daily care products for those with an active lifestyle. The product is a micro-exfoliating, gel based body wash, designed to energise you. We have created Energy Punch using natural fruit acids, penetrating the skin and promotes a positive wellbeing effect on the user. The kumquat extract works to remove the dead skin cells on the surface, preventing break-outs and encouraging skin regeneration. You will also find bioactive water from tangerines and betaine from sugar beet to increase the skin’s hydration and comfort.

£10.99, [ ]

Burn, Burn Now!

For those of you who enjoy a spicier life, we recommend Burn, Burn Now!. Best applied to areas of cellulite and excess body fat, ideally before working out, Burn, Burn Now! Is a product created to aid in slimming and shaping of the body. The product has been designed to intensify the effects of the workout, acting as a stimulator for fat burning. The chilli pepper based formula is a complex of vegetables to ensure natural properties. The bioactive water of green mandarins are what help in positively stimulating the skin; energising and refreshing it.

£19.99, [ ]

Brushing Queen

Meet Brushing Queen, your new essential tool in working towards soft skin and prevent stretch marks. The dry massage brush aids in firming, smoothing and strengthening your skin and thanks to this, will help it in becoming more resistant to excessive stretching and the subsequent marks that are caused by it. By massaging the body with the Brushing Queen, you can improve the lymph flow, enabling the body to detox, as well as improving the blood circulation. Packaged in a grey velour pouch, to protect the bristles against dirt and damage, the Brushing Queen has been crafted using beech wood and Tampico – a vegan agave plant fibre.

£14.99, [ ]

We hope that you’ll find these products helping in your journey to shaping the body you want and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.