What We Recommend for Your Child’s Lunches

With school over for the Summer Holidays, you now have six weeks of not having to rush round trying getting your children ready for school and get them there on time. Although, are you ready of being with them for every waking hour for the next 42 days? Yikes… Either way, we wanted to discuss your child’s school lunches. Ensuring our children are the healthiest they can be is of the utmost importance to us and think it’s crucial that we making sure that continues when they are at school. It can be easy to throw something together for them, but taking a few moments more to really think about what you’re giving them can really help in equipping them with the awareness of healthy eating for later life.


The core of a packed lunch, sandwiches are typically what will be the bulk of your child’s lunch and so it’s important to do it right. We have gluten-free bread available either with seeds and olives or just plain. This is packed with nutrients and will allow your child’s digestive system to consume the sandwiches with no issue. In regard to fillings, there are a plethora of options available: meat, fish, vegetables, dairy products, spreads, jams and so on. At GottaBe! Health we are proud to offer jams made with real fruits, seeds and no flavourings. This way your child can indulge in a treat without compromising on the health benefits.

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Snacks and Sweet Treats

The part that all children look forward to: the snack/sweet treats part of their lunch. Typically this is a chocolate bar or a sweet item. This type of sugar isn’t ideal for children due to the short-term ‘high’ they’ll get. This sugar will burn quickly giving them a spike in energy before crashing as their blood sugar levels de-escalate back to their normal figures. This doesn’t mean remove this aspect of the lunch altogether, it just requires some re-working. For example, instead of a chocolate bar at break time, replace it with one of our energy bars. These have the same sweet taste without the processed sugars. It is natural fruit sugars and comes in a range of flavours.

When it comes to the sweet treats/snacks that are part of your child’s packed lunch, we have a range of products that will deliver on the sweet aspect without the bad sugar content. Any chocolate is dark and organic and the majority of the sweet taste comes from the berries or ingredients coated in the chocolate. Alternatively, we offer oat cookies with either pumpkin seeds or cranberries. You could even go further with the sweet treat element of a packed lunch and put them into your child’s lunches as a weekly treat, giving them on a Friday, for example.

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We hope that this has proven helpful in approaching packed lunches for your children. We understand that not everybody is looking to implement these charges however we believe that in providing your child with the healthiest options will enable them to sustain the school day with energy.