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Anna Lewandowska’s famous snack. How did the story begin?
Date Balls are not only sweet and packed with nutritional value, but also responsible for the beginning of Foods by Ann. It was their popularity that made us decide to start a health food store! Here you will find many valuable products that for years have helped to take care of appearance, well-being and figure, and living life to the fullest.

Ania herself to this day warmly recalls the early days of her delicious snack:

At first I made them for myself and Robert, and later also for his teammates. The guys were delighted and asked for more. Also on my HPbA blog, the recipes were gaining more and more interest, with readers spreading the word about perfect snacks. Over time, the idea of going beyond family and friends and offering ready-made, healthy products to a wider group of people popped into my head. That’s how Foods by Ann was born!
Anna Lewandowska

Unique properties of Protein Balls
Foods by Ann’s Protein Balls are a sweet protein snack in a convenient form. Each ball is packaged separately – so you can conveniently take them with you to work, school or workout. The compact form means that you can provide your body with a little sweetness and an extra dose of energy almost anywhere.

What else makes Protein Balls so special?

small amount of ingredients
no white sugar
no preservatives
high protein content (20% per serving)
rich in fiber and nutritional values
Protein Balls with banana – a delicious snack for the whole family
Date Protein Balls with high protein content are a treat for all foodies and physically active people alike. They are perfect as a small dessert or a sweet snack for guests, and thanks to protein’s valuable properties, they can help fight excessive appetite and support regular workouts.

Banana Protein Balls are a product for:

adults and children
physically active
people on a diet fighting excessive appetite
people looking for an alternative to high-calorie sweets
Feel the power of Anna Lewandowska’s snacks!
Banana Protein Balls are made from just a few ingredients, but each of them plays a key role in the final product. The bananas they contain are rich in fiber, and thanks to a special drying process, they do not lose their sweetness. Our sweet sugar-free snack is sure to buy your heart after the first bite. It also includes several other important ingredients, so that each snack will provide you with sweetness and valuable nutritional value in a pleasant form.

Dates – a source of fiber, vitamins and minerals
Dates are one of the main ingredients of Protein Balls. The fruit called “bread of life” by the people of Arab countries is famous for its unique properties. They are rich in fiber, vitamins (especially B3), minerals (especially potassium), as well as antioxidants and salicylates, which exhibit anti-inflammatory and anticoagulant properties. Dates are also a valuable source of energy for active people.

Peanuts – the ideal ingredient
There is a reason why peanuts are one of the integral ingredients in many of our products. They are a valuable source of fat (mono- and polyunsaturated fatty acids) and vitamins and minerals, especially potassium. They are also the nuts with the highest protein content. These properties make them an ideal and key ingredient of Protein Balls.

Protein – the best friend of physically active people
Peanuts and pea protein make Foods by Ann’s Protein Balls a high protein product. Our banana snacks contain as much as 20% protein per serving, which is especially attractive for physically active people. Protein contributes to the growth of muscle mass, supports its maintenance, and when consumed after a workout, it affects muscle recovery and can help manage excessive appetite. Protein perfectly compliments regular exercise.

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