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Anna Lewandowska’s snacks. The Foods by Ann origin story
Date Balls are not only sweet and packed with nutritional value, but also responsible for the beginning of Foods by Ann. The recipe for a tasty snack started the idea of coming out to you with healthy, organic food and supplements that allow you to take care of your appearance, well-being and figure.

This is how Ania recalls her first snacks:

At first I made them for myself and Robert, and later also for his teammates. The guys were delighted and asked for more. Also on my HPbA blog, the recipes were gaining more and more interest, with readers spreading the word about perfect snacks. Over time, the idea of going beyond family and friends and offering ready-made, healthy products to a wider group of people popped into my head. That’s how Foods by Ann was born!
Anna Lewandowska

Valuable properties of peanut Protein Balls
The basis of Peanut Cream Protein Balls are, of course, peanuts. They provide the balls with plenty of protein and, combined with dates, give them a distinctive, delicious flavor that will buy your heart and stomach from the first bite.

What else makes our peanut protein balls special?

small amount of ingredients
no white sugar
no preservatives
high protein content (23% per serving)
rich in fiber and nutritional values
Peanut protein balls – a sweet snack for everyone!
The combination of dates and peanuts is a recipe for the perfect snack. Dates give Protein Balls sweetness, and nuts are a great source of protein, which makes our product not only tasty, but also rich in nutritional values precious for both adults and children.

Peanut Protein Balls is a product for:

adults and children
physically active
people on a diet struggling with excessive appetite
people looking for an alternative to high-calorie sweets
Date and nut balls – snacks full of power!
An important feature of our Protein Balls is a short and natural composition. With just a few ingredients, we took care of the delicious taste, valuable nutritional value and convenient form. Each ball is packaged separately, which allows you to easily take them with you to school, work or training. You will ensure an extra dose of energy and a delicious source of protein when you reach for our protein snack.

Dates – rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals
“Bread of life” – this is what the people of Arab countries call dates. Date fruits aid digestion thanks to the fiber they contain, and are full of vitamins (especially B3) and minerals (especially potassium). They are also a great source of energy, while providing our protein snacks with extra sweetness.

Peanuts – a valuable source of protein
As much as 39% of Protein Balls with peanut cream are peanuts. Thanks to their unique properties, we provide Protein Balls with 23% protein content in 1 serving. Peanuts are also a valuable source of fat (mono- and polyunsaturated), vitamins and minerals (especially potassium) and fiber.

Protein – support for active people
A tasty, sweet and healthy snack with a high protein content is perfect for all physically active people. The combination of pea protein and peanuts provides our Protein Balls with up to 23% protein. They work well as a protein snack before or after a workout to promote muscle growth and accelerate muscle recovery. Protein is an integral part of an active person’s diet, and when consumed after a workout can even reduce excessive appetite.

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